Police investigating man posing as EMT in Pepperell

The man showed up at a house claiming he was an EMT from Ayer-Shirley, but officials said they hadn't dispatched an EMT to that home.

A man showed up at a Pepperell home around 11 p.m. Saturday claiming to be an EMT there for a “wellbeing check” on one of the home’s residents, according to police.

The man was described as Hispanic and more than 6 feet tall. He was wearing emergency medical apparel and claimed to be an EMT from Ayer-Shirley.

Police said the man “became increasingly nervous” as residents questioned why he was there and eventually left the home. Ayer-Shirley confirmed it did not send an EMT to the home.

Pepperell police are investigating the incident and reminding residents to use alarm and surveillance systems, keep their doors locked, and not let strangers in their homes.


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