Purported hostage situation in Wakefield was a hoax, police say

Police set up a perimeter and even called a SWAT team, but no one was in danger.

A hoax call referencing some kind of shooting and hostage situation drew a large police presence in Wakefield early Tuesday morning. 

When state and local officers arrived at the supposed scene around 12:30 a.m. and set up a perimeter, they did not find anyone in danger, according to a release. 

They had even notified a SWAT team of the apparent incident.

Police spoke with the residents inside the Elm Street home where the crime was purportedly happening, and they confirmed there was no incident.

The situation has been ruled a hoax call or “swatting” incident, the Wakefield Police Department said in a release.


“Swatting” is a harassment method where someone tricks emergency services into responding to another person’s address.

Police did not indicate whether they know who called in the fake emergency or whether that person could be charged.


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