T riders document sparks, smoke during ‘power problem’

The MBTA attributed the problem to wires “arcing."

The day after a panel of experts released a scathing report that found “safety is not the priority at the T,” alarmed MBTA riders shared photos and videos of sparks flying off of overhead wires.

The MBTA called the T’s latest snafu a “power problem” and later attributed it to wires “arcing” near Park Street Station.

It led to delays and stations being shut down on the Green Line on Tuesday.

Here’s what happened, as told by Twitter:

One rider documented wires “exploding” on the Green Line.

Another rider saw something similar.

At one point, smoke appeared in Park Street Station.


The electrical issues caused hefty delays.

After a reporter briefed him on the morning’s MBTA havoc, Gov. Charlie Baker weighed in.


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