An Ayer family that adopted a teen with Down syndrome after his mother’s death got a surprise on ‘GMA’

"We wanted to let people know that people like you exist and that a family like yours exists."

An Ayer family that recently got a little bigger received a surprise gift Tuesday on “Good Morning America.”

The Bremers and their newest addition, Jake, a 14-year-old boy with Down syndrome, shared their story during a segment detailing how Kerry Bremer, a  teacher, offered to adopt her student while his single mother, Jean Manning, was dying of breast cancer.

“If you need a backup plan for Jake, then our family is happy to make him part of our family,” Bremer, now Jake’s guardian, told Jean Maning, she explained to WCVB last month. “She told me: ‘I’ll sleep better tonight than I have slept in a long time.'”


The Bremers took Jake in for holidays and weekends for several years as they learned more about one another before Manning’s death last month, the news station reported.

Bremer, her husband Dave, and their children Kristen, Kaitlyn, and Jonathan said Jake is a perfect match in their home.

“It’s been absolutely amazing,” Dave told “GMA” host Robin Roberts. “Before I met Kerry, I really didn’t have an opportunity to be around children with special needs a whole lot. Since then I have, and if you haven’t … you absolutely have to be. They’re amazing. They’re so full of love. How can you not love this guy?”

Roberts said the show wanted to honor the Bremers. Pointing to Jake’s love of horses, Adventures by Disney surprised them with a trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and Yellowstone National Park, where they’ll will go horseback riding, fly fishing, hiking, and rafting.

“They didn’t do what they did to be on ‘Good Morning America,'” Roberts said. “This is truly in their hearts. But we wanted to let people know that people like you exist and that a family like yours exists.”

She asked Kerry Bremer how she thinks the story can resonate with others.


“I think based on the messages that I’ve received from people, there are a lot of parents out there who wonder what will happen to my child if something happens to me,” Kerry said. “I received many messages from people saying that this gave them hope, that there will be someone willing to step up and care for their child.”


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