Vermont police chief quits after anonymously trolling critic on Twitter

In this April, 10, 2018, file photo, Police Chief Brandon del Pozo speaks during a news conference in Burlington , Vt.
Burlington, Vermont, Police Chief Brandon del Pozo. –AP Photo/Lisa Rathke, File

BURLINGTON, Vt. (AP) — The police chief in Vermont’s largest city has resigned after admitting he used an anonymous Twitter account to respond to a critic, the Burlington mayor announced on Monday.

Chief Brandon del Pozo submitted his resignation to Mayor Miro Weinberger on Sunday night. The mayor announced del Pozo’s resignation on Monday at a news conference at police headquarters. Weinberger said he made the announcement with great sadness.

Last week, del Pozo said he used the anonymous Twitter account to respond to the critic for one hour on July 4 before deleting the account. The chief later took six weeks of medical leave to seek mental health treatment after telling his story to the mayor.


On Friday, Weinberger released a written statement saying he was “very troubled” by del Pozo’s tweets and his response to a reporter. Del Pozo was then placed on administrative leave.

An investigation by the city confirmed that while the chief had not committed any illegal acts or explicitly violated city policy, “he clearly had conducted himself in a manner that was unacceptable, inappropriate, and not consistent with what I expect from the Chief of Police,”the mayor said.


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