Watch: Firefighters rescue missing dog from pond in Amesbury

The firefighters spent 10 minutes in the freezing water during their water rescue.

–Amesbury Police Department

Firefighters rescued a missing dog that fell through ice on a pond in Amesbury on Sunday, police said.

A video posted on the Amesbury Police Department’s Facebook page showed firefighters TJ Poussard and Mike Sweeney using a white rowboat to guide the dog, a female pitbull named Navia, to safety on a wooden dock on Clarks Pond.

Police said the dog fell through the ice hours after they first received reports of the dog missing and on the loose from its owners. When Officer Craig LeSage identified the dog on Water Street, the dog took off running. LeSage followed it to Clarks Pond, where he saw the dog fall through the thin ice.


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