’s most read stories from the past year

Triumph, tragedy, sharks, and roast beef were all in the mix among the site's most engaging stories of 2019.

Images from some of the most-read stories on in 2019.
Images from some of the most-read stories on in 2019. –Boston Globe, AFP/ Getty Images, Associated Press, and Mike Lemery

Before we get too deep into 2020, we thought it would be appropriate to take a look back at some of the stories that most engaged readers over the past year. Here’s a rundown of the most read stories on the site in 2019. 

1. 7 dead, 3 hurt in New Hampshire crash between truck, motorcycles

June 22: One of the most horrifying highway crashes in recent memory took place on U.S. 2 in New Hampshire last summer, when a pickup truck hauling a trailer collided with a group of 10 motorcycles, killing seven bikers. As the tragedy sent shockwaves throughout New England, this report on the immediate aftermath of the crash was the most-read story of 2019 on

2. ‘I will never open in the state of Massachusetts ever again’: The owner of Roast Beast explains why he closed his popular shop


Nov. 6: Apparently people are really going to miss Roast Beast. Erin Kuschner‘s story about owner D.J. Lawton’s decision to close his Commonwealth Avenue sandwich shop — which came with some pointed words for the city of Boston and Mayor Marty Walsh, whom he blamed for his business’s troubles — drew a tremendous response from readers in Boston, becoming our second most-read story last year.

3. NOAA just released its Winter Outlook. Here’s what it says about New England.

Oct. 17: You’d think by now New Englanders would be over our winter-weather anxiety, but it’s just not the case: Dialynn Dwyer‘s coverage of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration‘s annual Winter Outlook clearly touched a nerve, rounding out’s top 3 stories of the year. (For what it’s worth, the report predicted “warmer-than-average temperatures” — and judging by the forecast for this weekend, looks like they may have nailed it.)

4. A rabid fox bit a 6-year-old girl in Maine. Then her friend’s pet dog killed the fox.

Aug. 9: It was sort of like a Disney movie, or maybe a Stephen King novel — or perhaps a little of both. Regardless, this report about a disturbing animal incident in Maine did well with readers, placing fourth for 2019.

5. What we’ve learned about Erin Pascal, the mother who died in the apparent double murder-suicide on Christmas Day

Dec. 27: Another tragic story — the Christmas Day double murder-suicide involving a mother and her two young children — resonated with readers as Arianna MacNeill reported on what we’d learned about West Roxbury’s Erin Pascal.

6. Elizabeth Warren’s campaign sent dinner to Bernie Sanders staffers after his heart procedure


Oct. 3: Politics can be a pretty ugly business, so when Elizabeth Warren’s camp reached out after fellow presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’s heart attack with an act of kindness — sending dinner to the Sanders campaign headquarters in Washington, D.C., as reported by — clearly our readers’ hearts were touched. (For what it’s worth, Warren and Sanders have always been pretty chummy.)

7. 62 members of the Latin Kings charged in ‘largest takedown’ in FBI Boston division’s history

Dec. 5: It was a bust for the ages: More than 60 members of the Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation — commonly known as the Latin Kings — are facing federal charges after the FBI and other agencies carried out a large-scale bust, the “largest takedown” in the division’s history. Caroline Anders had the story, and clearly visitors were eager to read about this particular bunch behind bars.

8. Julian Edelman surprised a 7th grader with Super Bowl tickets after learning she was bullied for playing football

Jan. 31: We’re not crying, you’re crying! It was an emotional moment when New Hampshire’s Dejah Rondeau — who’d been bullied over being a female quarterback on her local seventh- and eighth-grade team — got to meet her favorite Patriots player, Julian Edelman, and was gifted with Super Bowl tickets to boot. Mark Dunphy‘s story told the tale.

9. ‘Little Women’ was filmed entirely in Massachusetts. Here are the historic, picturesque locations from the movie.

Dec. 24: If you’ve seen director Greta Gerwig’s new iteration of “Little Women,” you know the stunning local locations are basically their own character in the movie. And Boston-area filmgoers seem to be enjoying spotting the local scenes and learning more about them later, judging from their reaction to Kevin Slane‘s roundup of those classic sites.

10. Bill Belichick used an NFL rules ‘loophole’ against the Jets. Then his reaction went viral.


Oct. 22: During the fourth quarter of his team’s blowout win against the New York Jets, Patriots coach Bill Belichick took advantage of what he later described as a “loophole” in the rules to drain nearly an additional minute off the clock. He also issued the smirk heard around the world, which helped propel s account of the day’s events into one of our most popular stories of the year.

11. ‘Supernatural’ actors Jared and Genevieve Padalecki ran the 2019 Boston Marathon, and fans went wild

April 15: “Supernatural” fans were simply delighted when Jared Padalecki, star of “Supernatural,” ran the Boston Marathon along with his wife, actress Genevieve Padalecki (another alum of the CW series). Better yet, as Kevin Slane‘s story reported, the couple raised more than $30,000 as part of the Boston Marathon team for Dream Big!, a Boston-based nonprofit organization that supports underprivileged girls who want to play sports and participate in physical activities.

12. How a N.Y. photographer snagged a ‘once in a lifetime’ shot of a great white shark off Cape Cod

Sept. 19: Around these parts, the only thing people seem to love more than hearing about sharks is seeing actual photographic evidence of them. Hence the huge response to ‘s story about photographer Mike Lemery, who relayed just how he managed to get a one-in-a-million shot of a breaching great white off Cape Cod.

13. Gillette released an ad asking men to ‘act the right way.’ Then came the backlash.

Jan. 14: When the local company (you’ve probably heard of their stadium) decided to take on “toxic masculinity” in a new TV ad, it no doubt knew it might ruffle some feathers — or whiskers, as the case may be. ran down the full gamut of responses in his story about the controversy, which got folks riled up all over again.

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