‘It was in a blink of an eye’: Athol couple’s vehicle struck several times, sent careening into jersey barrier, in apparent road rage incident

“My car was on two wheels, it almost flipped over.”

An Athol couple said they were the victims of an apparent road rage incident when their car was struck repeatedly by another vehicle, causing them to strike a jersey barrier.

Stacy Schweitzer and her husband, Joseph, weren’t injured in the incident, but their car sustained heavy damage.

The other vehicle — believed to be a pickup truck — didn’t stop, Schweitzer said, and police told the couple it would be difficult tracking that driver down since the Schweitzers were unable to get a license plate number.

“It was just in a blink of an eye, you were headed toward that barrier” Stacy Schweitzer told Boston.com. “There was no way to avoid that barrier.”


The two were heading home from dinner at a Leominster restaurant about 10:30 p.m. on Friday, traveling along Route 2 when Schweitzer said she noticed a vehicle driving close to her back bumper. She says she remembers telling her husband that the vehicle appeared close, and she was worried that it would hit their car. The other vehicle also had its high beams on.

That part of Route 2 has just one lane on each side, and not much of a breakdown lane, Schweitzer said. The couple then felt the vehicle behind them hit their back bumper.

“I tapped on my brakes, he proceeded to hit me again,” Schweitzer said.

She said she then attempted to pull her vehicle over to the right, with what little breakdown lane there was, to allow the other vehicle to pass.

“At that time, he had bumped me on the side of the car and I lost control, and I hit a jersey barrier,” Schweitzer said. “My car was on two wheels, it almost flipped over.”


The other vehicle, which the Schweitzers thought was a blue or black pickup truck, had shut off its lights, Stacy Schweitzer said in a Facebook post.

Without the plate number, it’s more difficult to locate the other vehicle, according to Trooper James Deangelis. He said if a driver can get the first three numbers of the plate, and a vehicle description, it provides a much greater chance of finding the vehicle.


For the Schweitzers, their car isn’t a total loss, but it does need a new fender, a bumper, and a light needs to be fixed. It’s their only car, making it difficult for Stacy Schweitzer to get to work in Greenfield.

“That car accident did a lot of damage,” she said, referring to the impact on their lives overall.


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