Miss Worcester diner to keep Harley-Davidson sign

“Thank you for all your support and love."

After Harley-Davidson said that a beloved sign bearing the company’s logo had to be removed from atop the Miss Worcester diner, it’s now been given the OK to stay.

Sheldon’s Harley-Davidson, of Auburn, has agreed to sponsor the sign, according to diner owner Kim Kniskern on Facebook, putting the issue to rest.

Kniskern had received a cease-and-desist letter ordering the removal of the sign, which sparked a Change.org petition in favor of keeping the sign, and support from the Worcester community.

The diner has been around since 1948, and the sign has topped the eatery for the past few years. It was hand painted by artist Tony Freitas.


Kniskern said that when it’s warmer, Freitas plans to add the Sheldon’s logo.

“Thank you for all your support and love,” she said on Facebook. “I’ve learned a lot these last few days .. and I’m very blessed to have so many people on my side.”


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