A suspected rabid fox attacked a Maine man. He used an ice scraper to fight it off.

"I started swinging."

A Maine man was preparing to scrape frost from his windshield early Tuesday morning when a fox attacked him.

Jake Becwar told WGME he used the closest weapon of defense available — his ice scraper — to fight off the animal.

The resident of Phippsburg said he had just turned on his headlights and was closing his car door when he felt a pull on the ice scraper he was holding in his hand.

“I turned and looked and saw it was a fox and it was starting to come after me, and I started swinging,” Becwar said.

He told the station the fox had porcupine quills stuck in its mouth, and he managed to kick at the fox and hit it with the scraper. Once it ran off, he called animal control.


“I just happened to have the ice scraper,” Becwar told WGME. “It could have been anybody else. The roommate. The kiddo. The dog.”

Phippsburg animal control officer Norm Turner told the Portland Press Herald that it is believed the same fox, suspected of being rabid, bit a 27-year-old woman walking to her car the same day.

“It went after a couple dogs, a cat, another dog and finally wound up at somebody’s house and I managed to get there before it left,” Turner told the newspaper.

The fox was captured and killed, and its remains have been sent for rabies tests.

According to the Press Herald, the fox’s Tuesday rampage is just the latest in a series of attacks by suspected rabid foxes. Three people were attacked in nearby West Bath in January, and, also last month, an 88-year-old Bath man was attacked, and fought off, a fox for the second time in four months.


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