Mendon family dog safe after coyote attack caught on surveillance footage

The family thought their Shih Tzu Brodie was dead until the police called, saying a neighbor had found her on their porch.

A Mendon family was heartbroken this weekend after watching surveillance footage early Sunday that confirmed a coyote had carried one of their dogs away in its mouth, heading off into the woods behind their home.

They told The Boston Globe that they assumed Brodie, their 3-year-old, 13-pound Shih Tzu, was dead after a search yielded no results.

That was until police called later that morning, saying a neighbor had found Brodie on their porch.

“We get a call asking if we’re missing our dog,” Brodie’s owner, Dannielle Byrne, told WCVB.

The family told the station that they think their in-ground invisible fence saved Brodie.


“I think what happened is, it hit the fence line and it must have zapped the coyote and dropped her,” Byrne said.

She posted about her story on Facebook where her husband, Aj Byrne, commented with a picture of their pet, safe and back home.

To help heal a few puncture wounds on her neck, ear, and belly, the dog is on antibiotics, WCVB reported.

“She’s doing great,” Aj Byrne wrote, commenting on Brodie’s health. “What an ordeal!”

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