ER nurse headed home from work helps save man involved in crash on I-93

Alexa Sequeira worked with state troopers to revive the man, who had suffered a medical event that caused him to crash.

i-93 crash
–Mass. State Police

Alexa Sequeira was on her way home from work as an emergency room nurse at Winchester Hospital on Sunday night when she jumped into action at the scene of a crash on I-93, helping to save a driver who had suffered a medical event.

State police said Troopers Joe Cordes, Miguel McGovern, and Joe Page had responded to the crash on I-93 southbound in Boston, where they found the driver unresponsive behind the wheel of the vehicle.

After the troopers got the man out of the car, breaking a window to get him out, they found he had no pulse. The troopers had begun performing CPR and were waiting for the arrival of emergency medical personnel when Sequeira pulled up.


“I noticed two state police officers that were pulled over and a man that was splayed out in the road, he appeared to be unresponsive,” Sequeira told WHDH. “I slowed down, rolled down my window, said I was an ER nurse and if they needed any help, they said, ‘Yes please.’”

The ER nurse told the station that she worked together with the troopers to revive the man, who was awake with a pulse about 12 minutes later when emergency personnel arrived.

“Their combined efforts were successful, as they were able to revive the man and assist in his transport to Boston Medical Center,” police said. “The man was awake and alert at the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery.”

“A special thanks goes out from the Massachusetts State Police to Ms. Sequeira, another in a long line of great nurses who are contributing to public health in so many different ways during this pandemic,” police added.

Sequeira said she was happy she could help.

“In the midst of the pandemic it’s important to celebrate the small wins, this is a small win in the greater scheme of things but if you focus on lots and lots of these small wins we can get through this virus and come out much stronger on the other end,” she told WHDH.


Today we would like to give some major recognition to our close friend and supporter Alexa Sequeira, who was formerly an…

Posted by Live Boston on Monday, May 4, 2020

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