‘Black Boston’ clarifies Sunday evening protest at Government Center

The community organization Black Boston took to Facebook to clarify their “Black Lives Matter Protest” and ensure its legitimacy.

A large group of protesters marched from Nubian Square to Boston Police Headquarters. They were led by local religious leaders including members of the Boston Baptist Ministers Conference, Black Ministerial Alliance, Ministers in Action and the Massachusetts Council of Churches. According to a post on Facebook by the organizers, the demonstration was to pray for all the hurt and brokenhearted, to protest the continued killing of black people, and to call forth justice in our city our Commonwealth and our Nation. When they got to the BPD headquarters, as part of the demonstration they are pictured as they had an 8 minute 46 second moment of silence, recognizing the amount of time that a Minneapolis police officer had his knee on the neck of George Floyd.
A large group of protesters marched Sunday from Nubian Square to Boston Police Headquarters where they held an 8 minute 46 second moment of silence, recognizing the amount of time that a Minneapolis police officer had his knee on the neck of George Floyd. –Jim Davis/Globe Staff

When the group Black Boston announced a “Black Lives Matter Protest,” many took to social media with questions and concerns given that a number of groups — including Black Lives Matter Boston, the local branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, and Boston City Councilor At-Large Julia Mejia — said they weren’t involved in the planning.

To clear the air, Black Boston posted an update on its Facebook page explaining that the community organization is comprised of young Boston activists who are holding the Sunday protest at 6:30 p.m. in response to police violence against Black people.


Hello All,We noticed that a lot of you all have been confused and expressed a few concerns regarding the event for…

Posted by Black Boston on Sunday, May 31, 2020

“This is NOT a white supremacist group or page at ALL,” the group said in its post. “Black Boston’s protest being named ‘Black Lives Matter Protest,’ is to STATE that Black lives DO matter, and that is the pin point of the meaning and purpose of this protest. Our protest is NOT an event created by the Black Lives Matter: Boston, Chapter or have any affiliation with the chapter in organizing the protest.”

Black Boston organizers added that while they’re not connected to the Black Lives Matter Boston Chapter, other organizations like Teen Empowerment, Black Men’s Collective: Boston, and the Mass Defense Committee, do support their event.

“Support meaning that these organizations are NOT in collaboration with Black Boston, but these organizations are acknowledging that our protest is a legitimate protest/event and stand with us,” organizers said.

Alongside legitimacy, Black Boston addressed concerns over the demonstration’s evening start time, saying they have no intentions of being violent and plan to end around 8:30 p.m.

“We chose the time of 6:30 to consider essential workers who have a 9 – 5 that may want to attend the protest,” organizers said in their Facebook post. “It is by no means to encourage violence or to entice harm on the people. We are for the people, created BY young black people.”

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