MBTA Transit Police update use of force policy, ban chokeholds

The changes went into effect on Monday.

The red line arrives to MGH Station in the waning January evening light.
–Erin Clark / The Boston Globe, File

The MBTA Transit Police Department has updated its use of force policy to prohibit chokeholds and issued an order that requires officers to intervene if they witness a colleague using excessive force, the agency said in a tweet Wednesday.

Both policy changes went into effect on Monday.

ALL Transit Police officers have a duty to intervene if they witness another officer using excessive force,” the department said in its tweet. “They must also report such force to a member of the TPD’s Command Staff without delay.”

Police added that they have “inserted language” into the department’s use of force policy, which explicitly prohibits chokeholds, strangleholds, neck restraints, and carotid restraints.


“We are committed to serving ALL citizens with compassion and respect,” officials said.

The move comes in the wake of George Floyd’s death, which has spurred ongoing nationwide protests against police brutality.

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