Woman struck by lightning inside her Bellingham home

“It could have gone a very different way."

A Bellingham woman is recovering after she was struck by lightning inside her home on Wednesday.

Shelby Klopf, 23, told NBC10 Boston she was working from home during the thunderstorm and was turning on a lamp in her home office, an enclosed porch area, when she was shocked. 

“All of a sudden, I felt a huge boom, saw an extremely bright white light that has now affected my vision, and I flew back,” the mother of two told the station. 

Her mother-in-law, Renee Rovedo, told WHDH the 23-year-old was thrown back across a couch. 

“She was laying across the couch all rigid,” Rovedo said. “She couldn’t feel anything. It was like pins and needles going up both arms. She was in a lot of pain just screaming.”


Klopf was rushed to UMass Memorial Medical Center in Worcester and was discharged hours later. The family told NBC10 Boston they couldn’t find the spot where the lightning bolt stuck but said there is a pole outside near the porch. 

“My boys were outside 10 minutes prior to this happening to me, so I’m just thankful they went inside and it happened to me and not them,” Klopf told the station.

The 23-year-old told reporters she was grateful she survived to return home to her children. 

“It could have gone a very different way,” she said. 

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