These human-sized leaves were spray-painted on Boston Common to encourage social distancing

“This leaf pattern is a temporary installation, to encourage staying safely apart while enjoying the beauty of the park."
Socially distant ‘leaves’ were spray painted around a portion of the Boston Common to promote and encourage safe seating in one of the city’s most visited parks.

Human-sized leaves have been spray-painted around a portion of Boston Common, with the idea that individuals or small groups can sit inside them to stay socially distant from others in one of the city’s most visited parks.

The 56 socially-distant leaves around the Parkman Bandstand were installed by the Mayor’s Mural Crew, a Parks and Recreation program that creates neighborhood landmarks within Boston’s parks and playgrounds. Each leaf was measured by workers before they spray-painted the grass using a hand-made stencil. The Mayor’s Office of New Urban Mechanics also helped with the design and implementation planning.

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