‘Someone’s gonna bomb you’: Man at N.H. Trump rally threatens 7News crew

The video clip of the incident has around 1.4 million views on Twitter since being posted Friday night.

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A man approached a 7News broadcast team and threatened to bomb them while at a rally for President Donald Trump in New Hampshire Friday night, all while the song “Macho Man” was playing in the background.

And all of that was caught on video

Reporter Alex DiPrato posted the clip, which is nearly a minute and a half, on Twitter around 9:30 p.m. Friday. It’s quickly gathered roughly 1.4 million views.

“This man approached us the first time outside the Trump rally, left, then came back a second time while ‘Macho Man’ was playing. #machoman,” DiPrato wrote in the tweet accompanying the clip.


Update: DiPrato deleted the tweet Saturday afternoon.

In it, a man in a white shirt and sunglasses can be seen walking up to the crew as DiPrato stands in front of the camera, though it doesn’t appear the crew was filming a segment at the time. The man initially asks about an incident involving U.S. Senator Rand Paul, likely referring to protesters surrounding him as he left the White House after the Republican National Convention early Friday morning.

DiPrato soon steps out of camera view after the man approaches him and stands close to him.

“You guys know what happened to Rand Paul last night?” the man said. “How would you like that to happen to you? We’re Americans, too. Our lives matter don’t we? Even though we’re white. Yeah, you can act like you’ve got someone to text but you’re really just a p––.”

The man then also steps in and out of the camera frame, and as filming continues of people in the background, the man questions how DiPrato “can sleep at night when you lie to people.”

After using explicit language, including to describe Democratic presidential nominee, former Vice President Joe Biden, the man then says, “you’ll pay.”


“Someone’s gonna bomb you,” he said. “Might even be tonight.”

Watch the full clip (contains explicit language) below:



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