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Car strikes motorbikes in an attempt to stop shooting in Dorchester

The incident happened during the day on Thursday.

When the driver of a Nissan Altima arrived at the intersection of Bowdoin and Bullard streets in Dorchester late Thursday morning, they reportedly saw one person pointing a gun at another.

They then decided to ram their car into both of the scooters involved in what they said was an attempt to thwart any shooting, according to a police report.

When officers arrived at the intersection around 11:20 a.m., they found a couple of people wrestling near the intersection and a black gun on the ground nearby.

One person allegedly involved in the shooting was being held down by those on scene; he was handcuffed and arrested. That suspect, whose name was redacted from the report obtained by Boston.com, was charged with unlawful possession of a firearm, carrying a loaded gun, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (the firearm), and discharging a firearm within 500 feet of a dwelling.


No other arrests had been made in the incident as of Monday afternoon, according to Boston police.

While on scene, officers allegedly found three shell casings, plus gunshot damage to one residence and a shattered window to another. The gun found on scene had one live round in it, another in the chamber, and four rounds in its magazine, the report said.

The Nissan driver initially left the scene but then went back and spoke with authorities. They said that they saw one of the suspects pointing the gun at another person “and believing their life was in imminent danger, drove into and hit both scooters,” the report said.

“I saw the commotion from outside of my window,” Savannah Hernandez told WHDH. “I saw one of the cars hit the scooter, and I heard about four gunshots. It was the car that hit the scooter, so trying to stop the shooters.”

The suspect was brought to a nearby hospital with injuries thought to be nonlife-threatening. No other injuries were noted in the report.


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