Haverhill man captures attack on camera, police investigate

“I just don’t want them to die in front of my house. I don’t care what your problem is.”

Haverhill police are investigating a violent incident between two neighbors near Crystal Street on Friday, according to media reports.

The attack was caught on camera by Kyle MacEachern, who recorded the altercation on his cellphone from his home window, according to told WCVB-TV.

The video shows someone in a Ford Explorer swerving in a circle in the snow attempting to hit a nearby man. It appears that the man had been standing outside the driver’s door. The driver quickly reverses as the door swings shut, then pulls forward straight toward the man. 

“I don’t know quite what they were saying, but it sounded like they were egging each other on,” MacEachern told WCVB.


The man tumbles to the ground, appearing to crash into a nearby garage wall.

MacEachern told the TV station that the driver got out of the vehicle and the two began fighting hand-to-hand.

MacEachern stopped recording and tried to help, according to WCVB. He told the station that one man apparently had a knife, and one was bleeding from his face.

“I didn’t see it exactly go in, but it’s safe to say, yeah, he was trying to stab him,” MacEachern told WCVB.

Haverhill police said they have no updates on the incident as of Saturday morning, and it is unclear what lead to the altercation.

MacEachern told Boston 25 News that both men were ultimately unharmed.

“He seemed to be OK but very enraged at the time,” he told the TV station. “I just don’t want them to die in front of my house. I don’t care what your problem is.”


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