Watch: Newton woman finds turkey in her living room

The uninvited guest made its way into the home through an open door and left it the same way.

Lisa Spencer
A turkey got inside the home of a Newton resident this week, where it defecated on the floor and cracked a window the owner said.

It was the best of turkeys, it was the worst of turkeys.

Yes, from the Brookline Turkey wars to the “Turkey Town” documentary, the Tale of the Turkeys is back in Massachusetts.

Only this time, from a Newton living room. 

“Anyone know how to get a turkey out of the house?” Lisa Spencer wrote on Facebook. In her post was a roughly 30-second video of a turkey in the middle of her living room.

Spencer, a 63-year-old from Newton according to The Boston Globe, returned home on Thursday to find a feathered — and uninvited — guest inside.


“I have a turkey in my house and I have no idea how he got in here or how I get him out,” Spencer said in the video. “Or for that matter who you call to get the turkey out of your house.”

According to the Globe, Spencer was returning to her Newton home from a walk when she realized a door had been left open by people helping her move some items. She told the paper she closed the door and did not think twice about it.

Until she saw the turkey in her living room.

“I’m thinking, ‘There is a turkey on my windowsill. There’s a turkey on my windowsill,’” Spencer told the Globe. “Who finds a turkey in their house?”

The Globe reported that after calling the police — and telling the dispatcher this wasn’t a joke — Spencer was told there was no animal control officer to help. In a Facebook comment, Spencer said the animal control officer was injured.

Spencer’s daughter found a company that could catch the turkey for $450, but Spencer told the Globe that the cost felt unnecessary. She ended up opening a door until he walked out.


“Good news! I told him if he didn’t leave he might be dinner lol,” Spencer commented on Facebook. “JK. I opened a door to the outside and watched him walk out.”

Despite the successful turkey invasion of Spencer’s home, the uninvited bird did not leave without his own touch of interior design. 

“Poop everywhere,” Spencer commented. “Lol. Every time it flew it pooped lol.”

Spencer also told the Globe the bird cracked a large picture window after accidentally crashing into it. 

“It was unbelievable,” Spencer commented. 


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