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PlayStation console causes false alarm evacuation at Logan Airport

The PlayStation was reportedly so degraded it caused abnormalities on the x-ray machine.

Logan Airport’s Terminal A was evacuated Sunday after a suspicious item, later determined to be an old PlayStation console, was found inside a luggage bag, The Boston Globe reported.

Massachusetts State Police responded to the incident, the Globe reported, and its bomb squad cleared the item. Terminal A has since reopened and normal operations have resumed.

The incident happened just after 4 p.m., the Globe reported. TSA agents were checking luggage for a Delta flight when they saw a suspicious item in a luggage bag.

According to the Globe, that item was later determined to be an old and degraded PlayStation console, and its condition had caused abnormalities on the x-ray.


Jamey Miller told the Globe he was in the security line waiting for a flight to LaGuardia when the incident happened.

“I was just zoning out and had my headphones in while I was walking through. Suddenly everyone was running fast towards the exits, knocking over the stanchions, and ducking heads,” he said.

“I was looking towards the area people were running from and saw no signs of violence. I even asked someone ‘what’s happening?’ And she said, ‘I don’t know just run!’”

“I had a 6 p.m. flight and I was just getting to the airport. When I got out of the car, a bunch of people ran out screaming, so I got back in the car. I didn’t hear what they were screaming about,” traveler Pam Lovano told WCVB.

“Then we drove around the terminals again. By the time we got back, Terminal A had been closed by the cops and I could see the people standing outside.”

Video from Terminal A shows hundreds of people standing out on the sidewalk outside the terminal.

One traveler said he had boarded a plane and was told the get off when the incident happened.

The Globe reported that Terminal A was deemed safe at 5 p.m., but some passengers experienced delays because of the incident.


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