Black bear breaks into Conn. man’s car and wrecks it

The car is apparently beyond repair.

There’s a lot of ways to ruin the interior of your car, but a black bear breaking in and ripping it up might be a new one.

NBC Connecticut reported that a Cornwall, Connecticut, man was met with a shocking sight when he went out to check why his truck lights were on and found a black bear inside the vehicle.

“I knew something was in it, I just didn’t know what,” Cody Gillotti said. “It looked like a teenage kid that just passed out in his car after a long night of partying and his mom caught him.”

NBC Connecticut said the bear caused extensive damage to the interior of Gillotti’s car, even ripping his daughter’s car seat out before moving on to his mother-in-law’s car.


“We get bears around here all the time. They never get in cars so I really didn’t think it was a bear right away. Then I got closer to it and it grunted, I scared it and went back inside,” Gillotti told the news station.

Soon after, environmental police arrived on the scene and tried to get the bear out of the car. The bear quickly got scared, but environmental police told NBC Connecticut that they successfully used a bean bag round to haze the bear and get it to leave.

Gillotti told the news station he thinks the bear went into his car looking for food, as there were fast food bags on the floor.

Unfortunately, he said, there’s no saving his car.


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