Belmont police investigating 3 break-ins early Monday morning

The homes are located on Adams Street, Madison Street, and Watson Road.

Police in Belmont are asking residents to stay alert after a string of break-ins this week. An unidentified suspect broke into three homes early Monday morning, according to a release from the Belmont Police Department.

The homes are located on Adams Street, Madison Street, and Watson Road. Police said the suspect appears to be traversing through backyards in order to discretely move from house to house. A short security camera video clip posted on Facebook by the department showed a person slowly walking through a driveway while wearing a mask and hat.

The suspect is cutting screens to gain access to houses through either open windows or entranceway doors that are unlocked, police said. The person is likely targeting electronics and other valuable items. Four laptops were stolen, according to the release.


Belmont police are increasing directed patrol activity in the area where the incidents occurred, and detectives are working full-time on the case, according to the release.

Residents should keep an eye out for someone parking in front of houses and then walking down streets or around corners, police said. They should also take note of any strangers seen walking around neighbors’ houses or through backyards.

“Criminals will often watch resident entry/exit patterns and often strike while people are at work during the day or away on vacation,” the release stated.

For investigative information only, people should contact the BPD Detectives at 617-993-2550. For all other concerns, they should call 617-993-2501.

The following tips were offered by Belmont police:

  • Use sturdy doors, such as ones made of solid wood reinforced with steel. These offer more protection than hollow core wooden doors.
  • Use quality deadbolt locks, these cannot be “popped” the way a wayspring-latch lock can.
  • Always lock first floor windows.
  • Those with security systems should place highly visible security decals on their property, as these are a deterrent to criminals.
  • The outer door should always be locked in a multi-dwelling building. Criminals who have breached an outer door have will have extra time and privacy to break through inside doors.
  • Turn on front and rear porch lights at dusk.
  • If leaving a house unattended, residents should turn on a radio or use timers on inside lights to give the impression that someone remains in the house.
  • Most importantly, police said, make introductions to neighbors. Consider having a neighbor or friend watch the home while out of town.


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