Coyote bites woman in Swampscott restaurant parking lot

A similar attack happened nearby in June.

Multiple coyote attacks have been reported in the Boston area recently. Damian Dovarganes/AP Photo

For the second time in the last few weeks, a person reported being bit by a Coyote in Swampscott.

The most recent incident occurred Saturday night in the parking lot of Bertucci’s on Paradise Road, WCVB reported. The woman who was bit, Kathy Ellis, was visiting from Texas when the attack happened. 

But at first, Ellis didn’t think she was being attacked. As she left the restaurant with her sister, Ellis recalled putting her leftovers on top of the car and sitting down in the driver’s seat when she felt a forceful bump on her leg, according to WCVB. She initially thought it was a puppy or a dog, but soon realized that the animal right next to her was a coyote. 


Ellis threw a can of seltzer at the animal, which allowed her time to close the car door. As they drove, Ellis told her sister that her leg hurt, but she was not too concerned because her pants hadn’t been torn, she told WCVB. She later found blood on her leg. 

After learning that another person was bitten by a coyote in the same area recently, she reported the incident and sought medical attention, according to CBS. There have not been any changes to her condition reported since then. 

The area where Ellis and her sister encountered the coyote is a busy commercial center, but that hasn’t stopped the bold animals before. In early June, John Malafronte told NBC 10 that he had pulled over in a shopping plaza near the Bertucci’s when he was attacked. Malafronte used a pole to shoo the animal away, but was still bitten in the leg. 

Also in June, Arlington police were forced to kill a coyote when it was repeatedly seen near Bishop Elementary School, WCVB reported. Last year, three children were bitten by coyotes in Arlington in three separate incidents. Those attacks occurred near the location where officers found the coyote last month.


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