Video: Fishermen off Plymouth get bumped by whale

“That’s awesome! We just got hit by a f—king whale!”

A recent run-in with a whale had a trio of local fishermen shook — literally. 

Video shot in Plymouth and shared on social media shows a small group of fishermen reeling in a catch when a massive whale slams into their small vessel. The three men are tossed around a bit, but fortunately managed to keep their footing and remain on the boat as it bobbed and swayed due to the force.

WCVB tweeted the video, courtesy of videographer Bob Babcock.

“WHOA!! A group of fishermen off Plymouth got quite the surprise when a WHALE bumped into their boat!” said the news outlet.


Watch the video below:

Though the above video includes music, the original video shot by Babcock features the peaceful sounds of a paddle meeting water before the whale breaches. Then, a few choice expletives as Babcock and the fishermen realize what was happening.

“Holy s—t!! Holy f—k! I got that on video!” is heard from behind the camera, while the men on the boat exclaim: “That’s awesome! We just got hit by a f—king whale!”

In his Facebook post sharing this and also another whale video, Babcock said it was a “fun morning hanging with the whales. Didn’t quite expect either of these. They were everywhere all around me.”


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