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A car’s speakers were so big and loud that 911 noise complaints came in from 3 different towns, police say

Six speakers were mounted on the car's roof.

Wilmington police

A 22-year-old New Hampshire man was arrested in the early hours of Monday morning in Wilmington on a charge of “disturbing the peace” after allegedly playing music so loudly police from three separate towns fielded 911 complaints.

The man, Marc A. Lasalle, of Manchester, was playing music from a car with six full-sized speakers mounted to its roof, Wilmington police said. He was parked in an Eames Street parking lot.

Wilmington police received several calls about the loud music and arrested Lasalle at approximately 1:30 a.m. on Monday. The music was so loud that Reading and Woburn police also reportedly received complaints.


“Over the last several months, Wilmington has seen [an] increase of large groups of cars showing up in industrial [areas] playing music at extremely high volumes which disturbs local residents,” Wilmington police said. 

They said they are “actively working” with nearby communities to end this behavior.


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