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Cars ruined after South Boston gas station accidentally dispenses diesel fuel as premium

Any customer who suspects their vehicle was impacted by this incident can call Speedway's corporate parent 7-Eleven at 1-800-255-0711.

A premium tank at a South Boston gas station was mistakenly filled with diesel gas last month, reportedly leading to some pricey repairs for those who filled up.

The incident took place Dec. 21 at the Speedway at 151 Colony Ave. in South Boston, according to the gas station’s parent organization 7-Eleven, Inc.

The company “received reports of tainted gas” and “took immediate action to stop the sale of gasoline,” the company confirmed in an emailed statement.

7-Eleven did not respond to a question about how many vehicles may have been affected by this incident.

“The gas was removed and properly disposed of and gas operations resumed on Dec. 23rd,” the company said.


Any customer who suspects their vehicle was impacted by this incident can call 1-800-255-0711, the company added.

A spokesperson for Boston’s Weights and Measures confirmed that the division received a complaint regarding the incident.

The division connected with both the manager of the gas station and someone in the corporate office and confirmed that the company immediately shut the tank down, drained it, and cleaned it of all contamination, the spokesperson said.

Additionally, 7-Eleven told Weights and Measures that it was reviewing any complaints that came in regarding the fuel mix-up.

In advising any driver who experienced this or may experience it in the future, the spokesperson for Weights and Measures said that people should first contact the gas station in question to let them know what happened, then reach out to the corporate office and figure out what claim needs to be filed, and also call Weights and Measures at 617-635-5300. After hours, Boston residents can call 311 with service requests.

One driver told WCVB-TV that the fuel swap cost him $1,400 to remove the diesel from his vehicle and replace the engine filters and spark plugs. On top of that, the diesel ruined his catalytic converter, which may cost $2,000 to replace, the news station reported.


“My whole engine, when I turned it on, was rattling,” another driver told WCVB. “And then when I actually went to drive, and I pressed down on the gas pedal, nothing happened. I just completely stalled.”


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