Boston question stumps ‘Jeopardy!’ contestants

This marks the third time in recent weeks Massachusetts was featured in "Jeopardy!" shows.

IN 'Jeopardy!,' BABY:

Boston was at the center of a question in Monday night’s game of “Jeopardy!,” and it stumped the three contestants.

In the second round of the game, in the category “You Can Call Me Homer,” Boston got its feature in the $2,000 slot.

Contestants were asked the city in which Horatio J. Homer served as its first Black police officer for 40 years starting in 1878. A tip given was that he is “honored by a plaque in a station in Roxbury.”

All three contestants were stumped, unable to deduce the city as Boston.

The question caught they eye of local “Jeopardy!” watchers, with some posting to social media about the city’s spotlight.

One Reddit user was baffled that no one got the correct answer, commenting “a station in ROXBURY, and no one? Sheesh.” Another wrote that they “love seeing Boston ‘answers.'”


This marks at least the third time in recent weeks that Massachusetts was highlighted in “Jeopardy!” shows. Two January episodes of “Celebrity Jeopardy!” mentioned Massachusetts landmarks as well.


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