Franklin father-son duo go viral over 9-year-old’s custom-sewn shirt

"The kindness out there from total strangers around the world is staggering, and it's really fantastic."

Aaron and Sam Gouveia
Aaron and Sam Gouveia MJ Gouveia

Sam Gouveia, a fourth-grader from Franklin, is no stranger to the limelight.

When he was 5 years old, he was bullied for wearing nail polish at school. A Twitter thread sparked a media frenzy that eventually brought Sam to the “Today” show

For his ninth birthday, Sam was recorded as he was gifted a sewing machine. That, too, blew up on social media and resulted in an appearance on “The Rachel Ray Show.”

“Sam has a downright weird history of going viral even though he’s only nine,” his father, Aaron Gouveia, told Boston.com.

Now, Sam is once again going viral, after Aaron Gouveia posted a TikTok of his son gifting him a shirt he made in classes at the Franklin Mill Store. As of Tuesday afternoon, the video – which was posted under Aaron Gouveia’s TikTok, @daddyfiles – had more than 91,000 views.


In the video, Sam walks into the room holding a shirt, and his father asks about it. When Sam says he made it, Aaron Gouveia responds “holy crap.”

He puts the shirt on and shows it off for viewers, asking his son questions about why he chose the pattern and why he made certain decisions.

“Well, I got some help, but I did most of it myself,” Sam says.

@daddyfiles Sam made me a shirt! Wow. #sewing #sewingtiktok #samsewgood #boyswhosew #parenting #raisingboys ♬ original sound – Aaron

Sam told Boston.com he made the shirt because his dad is always wearing jeans.

“I thought that shirt, that material would go good with jeans,” he said, adding that he’s happy with the reception on social media.

Aaron Gouveia said they like to read the comments, which Sam said make him feel good about himself.

“A lot of people are motivating me and people are being nice, which I like,” Sam said. 

He added that he likes sewing because it “calms [him] down.”

The 9-year-old estimated the shirt took him around three to four classes to make, but his dad said it was likely around five or six.

Now, he’s working on a shirt for his mother, because he said his dad can’t be the only one with a shirt.


“I have to let them have shirts together… so they can just jam out,” Sam said.

The outpouring from fans prompted Aaron Gouveia to set up a post office box so his son can receive all of the sewing supplies people are now trying to send his way. He said people are sending sewing machines and textiles, and Joann Fabrics is even sending a care package.

“The kindness out there from total strangers around the world is staggering, and it’s really fantastic,” Aaron Gouveia said.


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