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Black bear spotted running through Newton

Newton police are warning residents to be vigilant after a black bear was seen running through the city.

In May, an elusive black bear was spotted in several different Massachusetts towns and cities running — and sometimes swimming — away from authorities. Now, Newton is having its own black bear encounter.

Newton police advised citizens Sunday to be vigilant after video footage circulated of a black bear running through a yard near Cold Springs Park.

Footage shows the bear passing through someone’s front yard in Newton Highlands, police say. They also told people to stay away from the bear and contact the non-emergency line at 617-796-2123 for help.

Officers are watching the site where the bear was seen, and Environmental Police were notified.


Police made no indication that this was the same bear that evaded authorities in May, and other cities and towns have had their share of unrelated black bear sightings, including Franklin, Mansfield, and Northampton.

Bear sightings are not unusual for the state, which saw a boom in the black bear population last year.

The Massachusetts Division of Wildlife and Fisheries says that while the state is one of the most densely populated in the country, the increasing black bear population means an expansion of territory. Black bears, which used to reside in the Berkshires, are now more likely to crop up in the eastern part of the state.

To discourage black bears from sticking around, MassWidlife suggests getting rid of bird feeders, removing trash, and removing other attractants, such as cleaning outdoor barbecues and grills after each use. And if you so spot a bear, leave it alone.


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