Herald staffers boycott Twitter after reporter is suspended for a tweet

At least 45 Boston Herald union members with active Twitter presences have boycotted the platform this week, replacing their profile pictures with a black box. Screenshot via Twitter

Dozens of unionized Boston Herald staffers are boycotting Twitter to protest a reporter’s suspension after he violated the newspaper’s social media policy with a tweet.

Chris Villani, a general assignment reporter, was suspended without pay by the newspaper after tweeting breaking news in late April following the suicide of former New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez, according to two people in the Herald’s newsroom.

Villani’s tweets have since been made private. But according to Boston magazine, which first reported on the suspension, Villani tweeted this on April 20:

“The notes found in #AaronHernandez cell were letters to his daughter & fiancee, saying he loved them & would see them in heaven, per source.”


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