Woman Has Feet Amputated After Surviving for 5 Days Following Car Crash

Kristin Hopkins' car was flipped and got stuck among trees in the Colorado mountains.
Kristin Hopkins' car was flipped and got stuck among trees in the Colorado mountains. –AP

A woman who crashed her car in the Colorado mountains and was trapped inside of it for five days was found alive Sunday after she wrote messages for help on an umbrella, according to reports.

Kristin Hopkins is pictured. —Reuters

The Denver Post reported that Kristin M. Hopkins, 43, was found by hikers who saw her car positioned upside down off of a Denver area highway.

One of the first responders described the scene to The Denver Post.

He said that using a Sharpie, Hopkins wrote several notes on the white shaded sections of the umbrella and managed to get it out a broken rear window.
The pleas were hard to read but conveyed that she needed help, the doors wouldn't open, she was bleeding and she needed a doctor, and had been without food or water for six days, he said.

Hopkins crashed while trying to navigate a left curve before she lost control of her car, which flipped, landed on its roof, and got stuck against trees, according to The Denver Post.

As a result of her injuries, Hopkins underwent surgery on Monday to have her feet amputated.

USA Today reported that Hopkins’ family released a statement before the amputation took place.

"We sincerely appreciate all the thoughts, prayers and kind gestures from the community during such a trying time for our family," the statement read. "While we're hopeful of her prognosis, Kristin was seriously injured and with multiple internal and external injuries. Later this afternoon Kristin will be undergoing surgery here to amputate both of her feet. Doctors were not able to save her feet due to the severity of those injuries. Kristin is in critical but stable condition at this time and has a very long road ahead."

The single mother of four was first reported missing on April 29 and was found on May 4.


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