Cat Saves Child From Dog Attack

Cats are jerks. It’s been proven scientifically. But so far this year, a couple of cats have been doing their best to change the feline’s public image.

First, there was Meatball, the cat from the South of France that saved nearly a dozen lives in a house fire in February. He got a year’s worth of cat treats for his trouble and is now living the fat, happy life of an appreciated hero.

And now, this week, there’s Tara, the California cat that potentially saved a 4-year-old’s life after a dog grabbed his leg.

As you can see in the video (which has more than 6 million views on YouTube), the dog looks like he means business, but Tara’s got other things in mind. She flies out of nowhere to break it up as soon as the dog latches onto the boy’s leg. That’s pretty impressive for an animal who was definitely outsized, and the family was appreciative that they’re son only ended up needing 10 stitches.


There’s no word on whether Tara is getting a reward for her heroics, but if Meatball’s going rate is any indication, she’s owed at least one month’s worth of cat treats.

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