Lawsuit Seeks $2 Undecillion (That’s 36 Zeroes)

A Manhattan man is suing for 2 undecillion dollars, otherwise known as all the money anywhere ever.
A Manhattan man is suing for 2 undecillion dollars, otherwise known as all the money anywhere ever.

There are some days when there’s just no getting past the fact that life is hard. Maybe you missed your bus. Maybe you had a bad day at work. Maybe you went out when you shouldn’t have and now you have a hangover and your local Dunkin’ Donuts is closed for construction and you want everyone around you to just go away.

You get the point – we all have days where it feels like the world owes us something.

But there’s a difference between feeling that way and acting on those feelings. One Manhattan man took things to the next level last week when he filed a lawsuit in New York seeking 2 undecillion dollars. That’s 2,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 or literally all the money on the planet, according to a report from The New York Post.


Anton Purisima is representing himself in a case against the city of New York, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Au Bon Pain, two hospitals, KMart, the owner of a dog that bit him, a Chinese couple that took pictures of him without his consent, and several others.

From The Post:

He correctly listed the obscure number few have heard of - which is written with a "2" followed by 36 zeros - in a fabulously frivolous 22-page complaint that rambles on by accusing the defendants of everything from civil rights violations to attempted.


The suit claims the pain and damages he suffered can't be measured in money and are, therefore, "priceless."

Alright, so attempted murder and civil rights violations are a little worse than a hangover without coffee, but all of the money seems a bit excessive. All this guy really needs is a good cup of a coffee and a nice vacation. Just like the rest of us.

(H/T New York Magazine)

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