Bees Escape From Wrecked Truck, Go on Stinging Frenzy

A honey bee.
A honey bee. –Scott Bauer/AP

And you thought your commute was terrible. At least it didn’t involve “transient bee swarms.’’

Drivers and residents near a Delaware truck rollover were greeted with swarms of angry, stinging bees Tuesday evening, according to the Associated Press.

From the AP:

[Delaware State Police Sgt. Paul Shavack] said the driver and a passenger were taken to Christiana Hospital with minor injuries. Shavack did not know if the two were injured in the crash, or stung by bees, or both. He also said there were reports of passers-by being stung.

Shavack says troopers called three bee handlers to the scene, who are working with firefighters to spray water to disperse the insects.

Police sent out a news release warning of “transient bee swarms in the area,’’ according to

Just how many bees were involved in the accident? The truck was carrying 48 hives, each of which contains approximately 40,000 bees, according to WPVI in Philadelphia.


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