Lasagna Everywhere in S.C. Train Accident

Garfield the cat would weep to see so much lasagna go to waste in a train and truck accident in South Carolina last week.

When a tractor trailer full of Souffer’s frozen food got stuck crossing railroad tracks in Gaffney, S.C., on May 14, the fallout from the train that split the vehicle in half took five hours to clean up and backed up trains from 100 miles, according to The Gaffney Ledger.

“There was an inch of lasagna ground into the pavement,’’ Gaffney Police Chief Rick Turner said. “They (the firefighters) came down with the truck to hose off the road but the water was beading up. They eventually used big buckets of detergent and brooms to scrub the roadway.’’


The truck’s occupants were able to escape before the train traveling at 32 miles per hour made impact. But money was surely lost on the product, the truck, cost of the cleanup for the food-spill.

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