Epic Mother and Son Wedding Dance Goes Viral

–YouTube screenshot

The mother-son dance is a nice wedding tradition, but one mother and son duo in Austin gave wedding guests a little surprise and have now become viral sensations, with almost 7 million views on YouTube.

In the video, the dance started off like any typical wedding dance. But then the pair busted out in a variety of dances moves to a medley of songs including “Thriller,’’ the “Nae Nae,’’ “The Twist,’’ and “Gangnam Style’’ — much to the delight of the wedding guests.

Julie Ryan, the mother of the groom, told KHOU in Houston that she came up with the idea for the dance a month ago after seeing a video of another mother-son wedding dance. And her son, Wesley, was up for it. Since Ryan lives in Houston and her son lives in Austin, he choreographed the dance and the two spent just 30 minutes practicing in the hotel before the wedding.

But on her big day, did the bride feel upstaged by her new mother-in-law? "She did not," Ryan said. "On the video, you see Lorianne reacting, and she was so thrilled."

Here is the YouTube video:

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