‘Scrappy,’ Hero Cat’s Arch-Nemesis, Has Been Put Down

‘Hero cat’ Tara was held by owner Roger Triantafilo.
‘Hero cat’ Tara was held by owner Roger Triantafilo. –REUTERS

Tara, otherwise known as ‘hero cat,’ can rest easy.

Scrappy, the Labrador-Chow mix that attacked a four-year-old child in Bakersfield, Calif., was euthanized Saturday, May 24. The attack, which was caught on camera, depicted Tara rescuing her owner from the aggressive canine.

TMZ reports that the dog was put down at a Bakersfield animal shelter after a 10-day-hold following the attack.

Apparently, Scrappy was aggressive during his stay at the shelter, “even trying to bite a couple of employees,’’ TMZ reports.

We wonder if Tara will continue her neighborhood patrol, but in the meantime, she can continue to bask in her newfound stardom: The heroic video has received upward of 20 million views on YouTube.


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