#Yesallwomen Takes Twitter by Storm: A Rundown of the Numbers

–Courtesy of Crimson Hexagon

You’ve probably heard about 22-year-old Elliot Rodger, the troubled UC Santa Barbara student suspected of killing six and injuring 13 in Santa Barbara, Calif. on Friday, May 23.

And you’ve probably seen the disturbing video of misogynistic ranting Rodger posted to YouTube just before going on his shooting spree.

If you spent any time on Twitter this weekend, you probably also saw the trending hashtag #Yesallwomen?

If you didn’t, you should.

The trend started in the wake of Rodger’s rampage, with over a million women (and some men) taking to Twitter to voice their experiences with sexual harassment, abuse, stereotyping and fear.


According to Boston-based social media analytics firm Crimson Hexagon, more than 1.6 million relevant tweets have been sent since May 23.

This number is pretty astounding.

These tweets have sparked important dialogue surrounding sexual harassment that women face everyday.

Crimson Hexagon reports, unsurprisingly, that 72 percent of these tweets came from women. 28 percent came from men.

It’s wonderful that women can share similar experiences and empathize with one another. But it would be truly amazing if more men would join the long-overdue conversation.

Here is a further breakdown of what the 1.6 million tweets were about:

15 percent of tweets sent were about rape and domestic violence stories.

12 percent of tweets included workplace and street harassment stories.

12 percent of tweets addresses dress code and media double standards.

4 percent of tweets discussed the dangers of rejecting men.

9 percent of tweets were about male entitlement and attitudes.

4 percent of tweets declared sentiments of misogyny affecting all women.

2 percent of tweets address politics and feminism 23 percent of tweets expressed appreciation for the hashtag/call to action.

19 percent of tweets were against the hashtag.

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