Volunteer Allegedly Beats Third Grader with Hammer in Calif. School Bathroom

Volunteer Allegedly Beats 3rd Grader with Hammer in Calif. School Bathroom

Lafayette Elementary School in Oakland, Calif.
Lafayette Elementary School in Oakland, Calif. –Oakland Wiki (Creative Commons)

Police in Oakland, Calif. said a third-grade girl was lured into a school bathroom and beaten with a hammer by the mother of another student at the campus Friday morning.

The Lafayette Elementary School student was taken to a nearby children’s hospital with non-life threatening injuries, and was described as being “in remarkably good spirits’’ by a school district spokesperson.

Local news reports indicate that her the woman, Haseemah Diame, allegedly concealed the hammer and took the student to the bathroom during recess around 10:30 a.m. A teacher and security officer then stumbled onto the scene, prompting a call to the police.


School officials said Diame was also a widely recognized volunteer at the school.

She now faces a charge of assault with a deadly weapon, though further charges could be pending.

Authorities said they continue to investigate a motive for the attack, which may be related to an outstanding family feud.

A police officer will be stationed at the school Monday, along with counselors to help children process the incident.

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