Angry Guy Paints Gigantic American Flag on Home to Defend His Right to Faulty Wiring, Trash

Hey buddy, don’t you know this is America?

If you’re not sure, then hop in an American-made car and drive down to Brent Greer’s house in Bradenton, Florida.

The Bradenton Herald has the back story: Greer painted his family home into a gigantic American flag in response to the city filing nine code enforcement violations, including the condition of the house’s old coat of paint. What was especially galling to Greer was that the violations came on the heels of an anonymous complaint. The city threatened to fine Greer $250 per day until the violations were addressed.


From the Herald:

"I have the right to face my accuser," [Greer] said. "What I'm most angry about is the way the city has handled this. If they would have just come to me and pointed out what they had a problem with and say, 'Hey, how long do you think it would take for you to do this and that?' then it would have been a better way to go. I'm just blown away that my house is being attacked like this."

There you go: What’s the First Amendment for, if not to take this nation’s enduring symbol of freedom and use it for spite?

Of course, since you have free speech, too, you could call Greer out for getting the flag’s canton (star field) wrong, or not adding all 13 stripes. He may be the most “American’’ American today, but there’s always room for improvement.

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