A #YesAllConservativeWomen Hashtag Exists

Remember the #YesAllWomen Twitter hashtag launched last month in response to the UC Santa Barbara campus shootings?

Well, now there’s #YesAllConservativeWomen, and it is pretty much exactly what it sounds like.

While the original hashtag offered women a forum to vent about issues like street harassment and gender violence, #YesAllConservativeWomen’s participants critique what they consider feminism’s damaging effects on women and society in general.

For the record: there’s nothing inherently wrong with the hashtag. Being a female conservative is one thing, and it should go without saying that neither men nor women should be pigeonholed into any particular point of view based on their gender alone.


And granted, plenty of the tweets are benign expressions of opinion: photos of women enjoying a sunny afternoon with their firearms (lots of that, actually), or your basic pro-life, pro-market sloganeering one might see on any family-friendly bumper sticker.

But calling liberal women ugly, or suggesting they’re actually men? Implying they’re raped because they’re insufficiently armed? Claiming women mad about street harassment are just upset they’re not getting more compliments? The phrase “rape worthy?’’

Oh dear, #YesAllConservativeWomen. Oh dear:

And yes, the other side definitely says some ugly stuff too. So, for equal time’s sake:

Whew. And that, my dear readers, is enough internet for me today.

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