CIA’s First Tweet Is Exactly What You’d Expect


The Central Intelligence Agency may well have the best social media editor around. Here’s the agency’s first tweet:

According to The Washington Post, the CIA announced today that in addition to launching a Twitter account, they will also now have a Facebook page.

CIA Director John Brennan explained the move in a press release:

"By expanding to these platforms, CIA will be able to more directly engage with the public and provide information on CIA's mission, history, and other developments. We have important insights to share, and we want to make sure that unclassified information about the Agency is more accessible to the American public that we serve, consistent with our national security mission."

Don’t expect to see all of the country’s best-kept secrets, however.

Earlier this year, the director of national intelligence stated in a press release that all intelligence employees had to seek authorization before talking to the media about anything “intelligence-related.’’

Apparently even the CIA does not receive special treatment from Twitter.

A department spokesperson for the agency told The Post that to get control of the @CIAhandle, they had to “file an impersonation complaint with Twitter.’’ Then they were able to secure the @CIA account. (How sneaky!)


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