Hospital Fires Employee Who Helped Post a Woman’s Syphilis Diagnosis on Facebook

Medical records.
Medical records. –File image.

You just knew heads were going to roll after a woman’s syphilis diagnosis was posted on Facebook, allegedly by her ex-boyfriend.

A Cincinnati hospital has fired an employee who reportedly supplied a woman’s medical records to her ex-boyfriend. The woman claims in a lawsuit her ex then posted screenshots of her records, including the syphilis diagnosis, to a Facebook group called “Team No Hoes.’’

The University of Cincinnati Medical Center posted a statement on its website Friday saying the offending employee was fired soon after the hospital learned of the transgression.

According to the hospital, it was a financial services employee who accessed the files. He was fired and the hospital reported the incident.


“We are outraged that anyone might misuse a position with UC Health to attempt to embarrass or cause harm to another person. This is contrary to our ethic and the training we provide to our associates, and we took immediate action as a result,’’ wrote UC Medical Center President Lee Ann Liska in the statement.

The hospital said no other individuals were involved in accessing the personal file. The victim’s lawsuit alleges two hospital employees were involved in the case. She has sued the hospital, the two employees, and ex-boyfriend Raphael Bradley.

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