Twitter Account Tweeted Every. Last. Word.


Many tweet. A lot. But not many can say that they’ve tweeted every word in the English Dictionary.

Not many, that is, except for Adam Parrish. In 2007, Parrish, a computer science professor at Hunter College in New York, created @everyword, and vowed to tweet every word in the English dictionary. His single word tweets have garnered 100,000 followers. This week, Parrish has completed his mission by tweeting his the final word: etui.

Etui: A small ornamental case for holding needles, cosmetics, and other articles.

So, what do you do when you’ve tweeted every English word in existence?

According to Parrish, you do a part-deux!


“Don’t unfollow just yet!’’ Parrish wrote on his blog. “My plan at the moment is to let the account rest for a bit, and then run ‘@everyword Season 2,’ starting over from the beginning of the alphabet.’’

Parrish created a Twitter bot that automatically tweets the words, so he won’t have to.

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