Seattle Doctor Suspended After Sexting During Surgeries and a Whole Lot More

Arthur Zilberstein sounds like a peach. The Seattle anesthesiologist had his license suspended by Washington state after he was charged with sending sexts during surgeries, writing improper prescriptions for patients, and having a sexual relationship with a patient. The Washington State Department of Health’s Quality Assurance Commission also claim he improperly accessed a patient’s medical record “to view images of the patient for his own sexual gratification.’’

Zilberstein, 47, worked at Seattle’s Swedish Medical Center, according to the Seattle Times.

According to documents released by the Department of Health. Zilberstein had sent dozens of sexually explicit texts to one patient during several surgeries over the course of six months.


“In these messages, it is indicated that the Respondent engaged in a sexual relationship with Patient Z,’’ wrote the commission in its “summary action order.’’

Zilberman was also accused to writing prescriptions to seven patients “despite the fact that issuing these prescriptions fall outside of the Respondent’s scope of practice.’’

According to the commission’s “statement of charges.’’ Zilberman took photos of himself in his hospital scrubs, wearing his hospital ID card, with his pants down and genitals exposed.

“Respondent added the comment to Patient Z on May 7, 2013, ‘Oh. And my partner walked in as I was pulling up my scrubs. I’m pretty sure he caught me.’’’ wrote the commission.

The matter was so serious the commission decided to suspend his license immediately. Zilberman has 20 days to respond to the complaint.

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