Missing Kayaker Found… at Home

The Potomac River.
The Potomac River. –AFP/GETTY

Rescuers searched for a missing kayaker for nearly three days before finding him… at his home, in Reston, Virginia on Sunday.

Montgomery County Fire Department spokesperson Pete Piringer said that the boater apparently bailed out of his boat, swam to shore, and went home.

CBS reports that rescue crews from Montgomery County in Maryland, Fairfax, Virginia, and the US Park Police were scouring the Potomac River since Friday, June 13, when someone reported a kayaker “in distress near Great Falls.’’

An hour later, they apparently retrieved a kayak and paddles from the river.

Piringer said the located kayaker was “oblivious’’ to search efforts:


CBS also reported that after recent heavy rains, the Potomac River waters were high and there was a strong current.

The Natural Resources Police, Maryland’s oldest state law enforcement agency, seemed less than pleased with the rescuers’ wasted time:

A word of wisdom: If you’re going to bail out of your boat, leave a note.

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