Alaskan Black Bear Interrupts Summer League Baseball Game

Summer baseball is as American as apple pie and the Star Spangled Banner. But in Alaska, they give the classic American sport a twist of their home-state wilderness, and you’ll be hard pressed to find a clip that defines that twist better than this one.

Two American Legion teams, from local Posts 1 and 25, faced off in a game on Sunday, June 15 at a field that, according to the video’s description, was covered by a glacier just 200 years ago. That’s pretty “Alaska.’’

But if an ancient, multi-ton sheet of ice isn’t enough for you, there also happens to be a giant black bear watching the action from the outfield bleachers. Really, the bleachers are just the woods, but to a bear it’s probably all the same.


The game was delayed as the bear made its way around the outfield fence, but after the teams “were sure what the bear’s intentions were,’’ play resumed. By the end of the clip, it looks like the bear is content to wander back off into the trees, and we can’t blame him – baseball takes long enough without wildlife delays.

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