The CIA’s Twitter Expertise Continues

A recent CIA tweet.
A recent CIA tweet. –CIA/Twitter

The Central Intelligence Agency is relatively new to Twitter, but if you’re not following them yet, you are missing out. Some of their best work is just 140 characters.

Not only did their first tweet get 300,000 retweets and 184,000 favorites, but they’ve been sharing their wisdom – complete with hashtags – ever since. From “#oldschool’’ throw-backs to the number of soccer balls it would take to reach the World Cup from Washington D.C., here are some of the CIA’s best posts since they joined Twitter on June 6.

Today they showed everyone how they communicated “pre-Twitter:’’ a Pneumatic-Tube Carrier that would shoot through miles of steel tubing served as their safe communication system before email existed.


In honor of FIFA, they shared some wisdom from their World Fact Book:

George H.W. Bush got a special #TBT shout out from them on his 90th birthday:

They even want us to know what their Operations Center Officers do all day. Apparently a lot of “juggling multiple classified, time sensitive projects.’’

Their second tweet assured followers that they won’t be revealing any launch codes. At least not for now:

CIA Museum Artifacts of the Week are now a thing:

Who knows, the CIA may have learned a thing or two about Twitter from spying on Americans.

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