‘Does The Dog Die?’ Helps Moviegoers Avoid Tears

Are you one of those sappy, sensitive types who can watch violent action movies all day long but blubber like an baby at the end of “Old Yeller?’’

You’re in luck: The website and Android app “Does the Dog Die?’’ offers viewers just enough spoilers to know whether lil’ Sparky will make it to the end credits.

Despite the title, the database will also inform you of any pets — regardless of species — that die or are injured in a film’s plot with their three-tiered rating system:

So far, the site has just under 700 entries, from old classics like 1931’s “East of Shanghai’’ (in which a cat is cooked in a stew) to modern releases like 2014’s “The Grand Budapest Hotel’’ (a cat is thrown out a window).


The site makes sure to note that its ratings only refer to animal characters in a movie, and are not a comment on whether animal actors were treated humanely during filming.

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